We talk about dance as an art form when it is created, taught and explored in a non-traditional environment with non-traditional doers.

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    Interview with Marisa Hamamoto

    In this episode I spoke with Marisa about her career and the rocky road to it: Creating a More Inclusive World.

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    Interview with Violeta Fatas; Expanding The Borders of Dance

    Interview with Violeta Fatas; Expanding The Borders of Dance

    In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Violeta Fatás, a dancer in Spain devoted to expanding integrative dance. Violeta shares her perspective on the integrative dance scene in Spain, how she became interested in access and disability, why dance – especially improvisation – is particularly suited for augmenting accessibility, and her work making dance performances accessible to sight-impaired audience members.

    Text by Emmaly Wiederholt

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    Interview with Tanya Winters

    In this episode I spoke with my dear friend and colleague Tanya Winters about her career and our visit to Berlin, Germany where we took part in couple of integrated festivals.

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