We talk about dance as an art form when it is created, taught and explored in a non-traditional environment with non-traditional doers.

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    Interview with Violeta Fatas; Expanding The Borders of Dance

    Interview with Violeta Fatas; Expanding The Borders of Dance

    In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Violeta Fatás, a dancer in Spain devoted to expanding integrative dance. Violeta shares her perspective on the integrative dance scene in Spain, how she became interested in access and disability, why dance – especially improvisation – is particularly suited for augmenting accessibility, and her work making dance performances accessible to sight-impaired audience members.

    Text by Emmaly Wiederholt

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    Interview with Tanya Winters

    In this episode I spoke with my dear friend and colleague Tanya Winters about her career and our visit to Berlin, Germany where we took part in couple of integrated festivals.

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    Interview with Nancy Bain

    In this episode I talk to Nancy Baine who has been a dance educator and creator for all for over 40 years.

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    Interview withJulie Nathanielsz

    In this episode I was talking to my good friend Julie about her work within the integrated dance scene as well as her time in Java.

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    Interview with Liv Schaffer

    In this episode I spoke with Liv about her work in education and especially her artistic work around death.

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    Interview with Sandra Paola Lopez Ramirez

    In this episode I spoke to Sandra Paola who is a dancemaker, improviser and performance activist. Her work is characterized by the investigation of complex issues such as relationship, gender, race, identity, awareness, kinesthetic listening and perception, and it has taken her through the US, Colombia, Brazil, Cyprus, France, Canada and Mexico.

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    Interview with Hanna Tams

    In this episode I talk to Hanna about his work in Palestine with at-risk youth as well as his professional dance company repertoire.

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    Interview with Dale Andree

    Dale Andree talks about the how and why she decided to start organizing national water dances and creating collaborative site specific dances around the US and other mud related dance themes.

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    Interview with Morgan Mackay Teel

    In this series I will talk about site specific dance with three different choreographers about their approach towards site specific dance

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    Interview with Mark Travis Rivera

    Third generation integrated dance maker and shaker, Mark Travis Rivera talks about his work as a choreographer, advocate and writer.

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    Interview with Mary Verdi-Fletcher

    I'm talking to Mary Verdi-Fletcher about her long career in integrated dance and her dancing company dancing wheels.

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    An interview with Wayne M Smith

    We're More Alike Than Different


    In this episode of DanceCast, Wayne M. Smith shares his experience working with Playback Memphis and Company d. Through Playback Memphis, Wayne helps bring together police officers and formerly incarcerated individuals to share and build a performance on their cumulative experience. Wayne also teaches at Company d, a dance company comprised of young adults with Down syndrome. Reflecting on his experiences, he arrives at the conclusion we're more alike than different.

    text by Emmaly Wiederholt /

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    Interview with Amii LeGendre

    We All Have Our Shoes On Amii LeGendre has taught dance to incarcerated men in New York through two programs: the Bard Prison Initiative and Rehabilitation Through the Arts. She is a wellness coordinator and dance professor at Bard College, and is currently performing a new dance/theatre solo called "I'm looking at you as if" about her experience teaching dance to men in prison. In this podcast, she reads a piece she wrote for Contact Quarterly about her experience with the Bard Prison Initiative, and reflects why dance education for incarcerated communities is so powerful.

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    Interview with Peggy Lamb and Barbara Abbate

    In this episode of dancecast we talk about art in prison and the impact and experience of it for the teachers and participants and the fine line of who is a teacher to whom in this context.

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    An interview with Emmaly Wiederholt

    In this episode of DanceCast I'm chatting with Emmaly Wiederholt about definitions of dance and everything dance related. She also tells us why she decided to start Stance on Dance and her over 50 project. It is delicious episode.

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    An interview with Shira Greenberg

    In this episode I discuss about the history and future of Keshet Dance Company with its founder and artistic director Shira Greenberg.

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    An interview with Judith Smith

    Judith and I talk about her work in Axis Dance Company and her 10 year plan about getting the integrated dance scene together in USA.

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